Reference lab or Multi-lab group

Pathagility supports your business’ needs in your complex reference relationships or multiple location lab network.  Pathagility can support and play the role(s) needed for each relationship and each type of testing.  Producing, interpreting, and delivering results of your and your partner lab tests.

Custom Reporting

Your lab is unique and has specific needs when it comes to supporting multiple brands and types of end clinician reports. Leverage our experience and ability to provide the clinician with the report they want and how they want to receive it.

Interoperability / Interfacing

Emr, Ehr, instruments, billing systems, and lab system integration is in our dna. We can connect wherever needed to help your business. No matter what you have been told, interfacing is not magic. Integration requires experience and elbow grease. We have been doing this for over 14 years and know how to roll up our sleeves and do the dirty work that others aren’t willing to do.


Provide access to lab staff (multiple locations) reference labs, clinicians, sales, billing, and even patients. You have the control and can allow users the precise access they need.
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Startup Lab

Let us help you build your lab and grow your business.  We can help no matter what stage you are in.  Whether you are starting a brand new business or adding a new modality to an established lab, we can help. 

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New Testing

Instrument integration, data interpretation and report generation.  From toxicology to next generation genetic testing, let us know how we can help your lab add new testing.

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Sales Organization

Collection site remote accessioning, order generation (bulk or batch loading), manifest and barcode label printing are a few features that will improve efficiency and give more visibility to everyone involved. Provide more value to your clinician(s) with a stand alone or integrated tool that organizes lab orders and delivers test results. Build logic around the needs of clinics and clinicians to electronically sort and send cases wherever they need to go.  Keep orders, specimens, and results organized and accessible to lab staff and clinicians wherever they are.  

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Software and Integration Services

Provide us your use case or issue and we will schedule an initial consultation to determine how we can help you.

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