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The Challenge

A successful reference lab purchased a toxicology lab in another state and they needed an LIS that would give the lab director and staff visibility and access to both labs.

The Process

With Pathagility adding a new location or new modality is easy.  Our team can merge multiple locations or create a separate entity with as much or little access as needed.   As a medical director or lab manager you can have a cockpit view of everything under one system. Our roles based user controls can give lab staff as much control or little access as needed to do their job safely and efficiently.  You will never have to guess what happened with our detailed logs and your access.  You will always be able to answer When? Where? Why? How?

The Result

A cost effective and efficient way to expand your lab business is to leverage Pathagility’s experience. Our system provides a consolidated hub to manage orders received in different formats from multiple partners and process different sample types collected across a disparate range of remote sites at different times of day. We provide customized End clinician reports and white label them based on the business rules. We also provide data reporting that makes process and management as transparent as possible. Let us take the pain out of expanding your lab’s reach.

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