Giving labs complete control

Pathagility is a customizable laboratory software platform built to adapt across any type of test, device or laboratory. Whether utilized as an all-in-one solution or to enhance your current legacy systems, we can fit your needs. Our business model is designed to share in your risk and grow together!


Adapt to any type of testing including MDx, CP, AP, women’s health, NGS, PGX, toxicology and more.


Pathagility sets you apart with custom reports and streamlined proprietary workflows. 


From startup testing volumes to high throughput workflows, we’ve helped labs go from 100s of samples a month to 100,000+/month.

A Suite Of Comprehensive Features

AgilityEngine Integration

Full menu of integration capabilities including REST API and HL7 to 3rd party systems

Intuitive Interface

Dead-simple user experience for maximum efficiency

File Path

Instantly deliver data, reports, and results in any file format

Custom Adhoc Reports

Stock or custom-built business reports to easily edit and preview report formats

Case Types

Offer a wide range of tests in one easy-to-use system


Share reports through web-based portals, faxes, email or EMRs

The team at Pathagility are the most brilliant and wonderful people. The team’s dedication and care in ensuring our success is so evident.

What Our Clients Say


Whether you’re a startup lab, looking to expand your test menu, or wanting to refresh your technology, Pathagility is your lab software partner.

Pathagility supports your business’ needs in your complex reference relationships or multiple location lab network. Pathagility can support and play the role(s) needed for each relationship and each type of testing.

From toxicology to next generation genetic testing, let us know how we can help your lab add new testing.

Let us help you build your lab and grow your business.  We can help no matter what stage you are in. 

Provide more value to your clinician(s) with a stand alone or integrated tool that organizes lab orders and delivers test results.

Is Pathagility right for your lab?

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