The experience to have you up and functional within a week, the reputation and support to keep you ahead for years.


Full Assessment

Pathagility will work with your lab team to determine the most efficient workflows for the types of testing you specialize in. We have lab operations expertise to streamline your processes from requisition to result and revenue recognition. Ideally, this phase occurs on-site, but can be accommodated remotely. An implementation scope document will be produced. Whether this is a new lab setup, a full replacement or an enhancement to your existing system environment, we will help you determine the best path forward. 


Platform Setup

Based on the implementation scope document produced from the full assessment, our team will set up your Pathagility platform. This will include a separate Beta environment that will be utilized in the testing and training phase. Integration to other systems may be part of this stage if other systems are involved (billing system, existing LIS, instrumentation, EHR, etc.). Timing of this phase can be 1-2 weeks for a standard implementation and 4-6+ weeks for a more customized implementation. 


E2E Testing and Training

Once the initial implementation is complete in your Beta environment, the Pathagility team will work directly with the lab (sales, accessioning, lab operations, client services, etc.) on full end-to-end testing and training. This provides opportunity for configuration and workflow tweeks, and builds confidence through training. Training is provided via web-based conferences.


Production Setup

Upon successful E2E testing, a Go Live date will be determined. This can occur in as little as 24-48 hours from the time that the Beta workflow is signed off on by the lab. During this time, Pathagility will stand up the production environment.  

Once live, your lab processes and work flows will be streamlined, more efficient, and flexible for growth or any future changes.

Continued Support

Pathagility prides itself on the high touch support we provide clients. We utilize and Jira issue tracking to manage requests and support items. You will receive a same day response to support requests and fast turnaround on resolution. Timing depends on the type of request. Your separate Beta environment will be utilized to push new features, configurations, etc. for testing before moving to your Production environment. Pathagility continually enhances the platform via two-week development cycles. On top of email/phone support, we also have knowledge base articles on standard features and can provide quick video clips of more customized features for support and training purposes.