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The Challenge

A new lab wants to perform PGX and PCR testing.  They have made their instrument decision and are looking for an LIS that can connect to their instrument and turn those results into attractive End-Clinician-Reports (ECR).  They will need connectivity to their billing software and their largest customer’s EMR as well. 

The Process

The lab manager calls Pathagility and schedules a web-based demo.  After a discussion on features and pricing the decision is made to go with Pathagility.  The lab sends Pathagility a sample requisition(s), sample instrument data for all tests being performed, along with mockups of the custom reports they want.   Pathagility has one of its lab operations experts work closely with the lab team to develop a streamline process.  Pathagility also reaches out to the lab’s billing vendor to begin the interface process. Interfacing specs are shared and our team begins to develop test messages based on requirements from the billing software company.  Once messages are shared, there is a back and forth communication.  When message agreement is achieved and signed off on, the interface goes into production.  This process is repeated for the interface with the referring clinic emr.  (This process can vary and can range from several days to several months)   This depends largely on the communication by the vendor.

The Result

Once an agreement has been signed and we begin work on a project, it usually takes 4-6 weeks.  For a new lab doing PGX, AP, or similar cases they can be in production within one week. 

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