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The Challenge

When a new laboratory starts the process of establishing their organization, it is faced with the challenge of finding an affordable lab system that can a) support the particular type(s) of testing they are going to offer on day 1, b) provide physician/patient friendly reporting, c) help manage/automate their specific workflow and d) adapt to the science/technology changes of the future. Furthermore, many times these organizations have not established large internal IT bandwidth to manage big software system environments.

Pathagility has proven to be a great fit by supporting all of these needs in one Software-as-a-Service product while also providing the flexibility to plug into an existing system environment.

The Process

Pathagility works closely with the lab to determine the type of tests and reports needed including deploying lab operations support as needed. Next, Pathagility spins up a no-footprint, web environment based on the lab’s specific needs allowing them to focus on their core business. The modular functionality of Pathagility’s LIS allows for an efficient online requisition and accessioning process utilizing bar coding. Pathagility supports the lab’s custom workflow, from requisition to reimbursement including all steps in between such as receiving, sample management, processing, instrument integration, resulting and report distribution.  To support referring facilities and the sales team, custom End-Clinician-Reports (ECRs) can be generated that are physician/patient friendly and a full menu of delivery options are available for result delivery.  Finally, Pathagility inherently provides a full spectrum of integration capabilities (API, HL7, FilePath, etc.) to integrate with billing systems, EMRs, CRMs, and other 3rd party systems.

The Result

The lab is running an efficient, low-touch laboratory process at an affordable cost. The staff does not have to spend valuable time managing a complicated system environment. Pathagility’s portability allows the lab to utilize multiple accessioning and client servicing teams in different areas of the country to manage large workloads. When workflow changes are necessary, the Pathagility system can quickly adjust to continue the production of dynamic reports. Through integration with billing, CRM and other existing systems, data stays current across the enterprise. Finally, the lab provides its referring physicians and patients a variety of report distribution and collaboration options.

Naveen Kamireddi
Systems and Operations Executive

“The ongoing service beyond our initial implementation sets Pathagility apart from other LIMS vendors we’ve worked with. They are a true partner who understands our workflow and continues to help us grow and use what feels like a custom solution for our lab.”

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