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The Challenge

An OBGyn group would like to send their UTI and infectious disease tests to a specialty lab.  They are understaffed and introducing another lab and more work seems inefficient and they are reluctant to try.  The OBGyn group is willing to place orders online if the lab can distribute all the lab tests (not just the tests that the specialty lab will perform).

The Process

The specialty lab introduces an order management system from Pathagility to the OBGyn group.  The practice can order all lab tests, print barcode labels, manifests, and receive results all from one portal.  Lab tests are ordered and shipped with labels and manifest.  Once the package is received at the specialty lab, bar code labels are scanned and sorted for their next step in the process. (Tests performed at the specialty lab will move to the next step in their appropriate workflow, and other tests are then shipped to the appropriate reference lab).   Lab tests results from the specialty lab populate in the OBGyn group’s instance of the order management system once they are signed and released.  Lab tests performed outside of Pathagility’s LIS can be interfaced or sent via PDF and populated in the order management system. 

The Result

This order management system gives the control to the clinician and allows the ultimate flexibility in where lab work goes, without creating more work and a new process for the clinician and staff to to learn.  The rules are determined by the OBGyn group about where lab tests need to be performed and the order management system gives everyone involved complete visibility throughout the process.  Logic can be coded by Pathagility’s team to make sure lab tests are routed properly.  The highly configurable nature of our order management system allows for flexibility and gives labs and their referring clinicians the ability to control their lab work for the best patient care.  

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