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How long does it take to launch a pathology lab business and start generating reports?  6 months?  3 months? How about 1 week?!?

That’s how long it took one of our clients.  Now, obviously more than a week went into the planning and organization of developing their new business, but one week after we signed a software licensing agreement they were producing reports and providing the results electronically.  And not just your run-of-the-mill reports – beautiful, physician-friendly pathology reports.  On top of being able to generate customized reports in their web-based AP LIS, they received compliments on their menu of marketable electronic report delivery options that were available day one. 

This is a cool story!  (Not just because they are utilizing Pathagility’s full suite of products either! :) )  It’s a cool story because it’s now even more possible for someone to afford-ably and efficiently setup a pathology lab business the way that best suits the founders and better health-care.  The system piece is daunting to many pathologists that have investigated starting their own practice.  Consolidation is occurring in the market today, but there are also some individuals that are thinking about stepping out on their own.  We have worked with multiple startup labs.  What we’ve seen is they all have founders with big drive and are looking to create something that stands apart and generates optimum medical results.  Their stories provide a road map for what’s possible today.

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Today’s fast paced world requires information be available instantly and on-demand. This has never been more true than it is right now in the pathology industry. Patients, hospitals, and medical offices need results, and they need them fast. We understand this and have developed a new tool that connects offices, doctors, and remote facilities directly to your lab facilities. We call it FilePath.
FilePath allows your lab reports, accession data, and other result materials to be transmitted directly from your LIS to any office you do business with, instantly. FilePath uses the power of the Internet to transfer this data from your site, to our secure data center, and out to your clients.

When your clients receive your reports they can transfer them directly into their EMR, store them offline, and most importantly, send them directly to a networked printer. With FilePath remote offices can receive digital and hard copies of files only minutes after they are complete.

How This Helps You

Remote connectivity is nothing new. What sets FilePath apart is the ease of integration. The FilePath setup process takes less than 5 minutes and does not require the help of a technical resource. There is no need for your clients to setup FTP scripts, TCP/IP polling, socket connections, or other service based connections. Your clients simply download and install a program on a desktop computer in their office, enter their client identifier, and that is it. They are now ready to receive reports and documents directly from your lab.

Of course there is more. Here are some other ways FilePath helps you.

  • Lower costs for interfacing.FilePath uses existing resources at the client site so there is no need to purchase additional equipment or setup direct connectivity.
  • Instant results for your clients.Turnaround time is the name of the game. With FilePath you can lower the time it takes to return results to your clients.
  • Simplified work flow.FilePath integrates directly into Pathagility WorkPath. There is no additional setup required to send results to off-site locations.
  • Two way communication.With FilePath it is also possible for your clients to send you digital information the same way they send it to you.

To find out more about FilePath and how it can help you, contact us for a demo.

Post by Pathagility Technologist Chad Files @cfiles

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Wow!  2011 was a great year for Pathagility with the addition of some great new clients and some exciting projects with our existing customer base.  We’ve been heads down in delivery mode.  As we turn our attention to 2012, we want to share some of the client experiences we’ve had over the past several months.  There were some great lessons learned, big efficiencies uncovered and exciting new products developed.  We hope some of these topics are helpful for you and we encourage your feedback, comments and suggestions.  Here are just a few of the topics we plan to cover…

process efficiency through bar coding

laboratory (LIS) access anywhere-starting a lab?

redefining your lab?

scalability – system needs from 0 to 60

online requisitions

remote printing increase sales through connectivity

Pathagility on-site server deployment

Who has the sexiest reports?

ACOs and laboratories

building sophisticated lab reports

EMR interface options

Differentiate your lab with LIS

Setup AP system for your workflow, not vice versa

That’s just a taste.  Look forward to your comments.  Here’s to a great 2012!

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If you are a pathology group or laboratory, how do your referring physicians want to receive report information?

Fax? Web Portal? EMR interface?The answer is something along the lines of…”the way they ask for it, when they ask for it!”  Right?  To compete against the mega, commercial labs, pathology report distribution flexibility is essential.  Not only is it important to be able to provide this flexibility, but it is important to your bottom line that it is cost effective.  Below are three (3) ways to achieve this goal:

1) Make sure your LIS is designed to foster distribution flexibility.  If not, work with a vendor that can “overlay”  or replace your legacy system and provide the needed flexibility.

2) Utilize an integration engine  or an integration partner that will facilitate efficient EMR interfacing and keep costs in check on  your behalf.

3) Understand when an EMR interface is truly needed/justified or if other distribution options are more appropriate.  Check out a previous post on this topic.

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We are pleased to be one of the vendors to participate in the April 2011 CAP Today article called Lab-link vendors – on a mission with ‘mobile’ and more.”  Pathagility competes in the Lab-Provider Links market with our ReportPath product.  We appreciate CAP Today for allowing us to participate in multiple product market categories and related articles.

Here is the opening excerpt from the article…

“It’s a lesson in Economics 101: The federal government wants hospitals and medical practices to adopt electronic medical records, so it gives them “meaningful use dollars” to do so.  And with the increased use of EMRs comes greater demand for products that link these systems to other medical systems.  This, in turn, increases the business of many lab-provider links vendors, giving them the wherewithal to enhance their systems or develop ancillary products, thereby catalyzing growth of the lab-provider links marketplace. (Class Dismissed.)”

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Fantastic weather welcomed pathologists from all over the world to San Antonio for the 100th annual USCAP meeting this week.  Posters and abstracts by thought leaders and new comers alike accompanied innovations in industry technologies in an impressive trade show experience.  We enjoyed connecting with old friends and meeting new ones, discussing how Pathagility’s SaaS LIS can improve workflow, connectivity, and distribution of reports from the lab to the referring physician.

Congrats to incoming USCAP president Greg Fuller MD.  A special thank you and congratulations to Dr. Fred Silva for 11 years of outstanding service as USCAP president, who will soon be joining Dr. Pat Walker’s team at Nephropath.

All the abstracts presented at this year’s meeting can be viewed at

USCAP 100 in San Antonio video

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For Christmas, Santa brought me an iPad (which I thought was very cool by the way!)  I’ve been living vicariously through friends and business associates who were early adopters.  Now that I have one and it is fully integrated into my daily life, I’ve started picturing how a device like this might be useful in the industry we are in.  For instance, while our organization’s web-based application works very well with an iPad, what other apps can we develop to make life better for our laboratory and physician clients and ultimately help improve patient care?

If I’m honest, another thought that pops into my consumer mind is, “how will the iPad2 compare with my current iPad ?”  Should I have waited to buy?  Will the price drop soon?  When is the right time to invest in new technology – really?

Many healthcare providers face similar questions related to investing in electronic health systems (EHR, EMR, RIS, LIS, etc.)  When should I invest in a new system?  Once an EMR is in place, is life going to be simpler?  Before building interfaces, should we wait until HIEs are a little more mature?  At what point do we invest in an interface engine?  What is needed for Meaningful Use (MU)?

These are just a few of the questions in an industry that seems very messy and complicated today.   Combine that with the fact that standing still is probably not the right move – buyers’ anxiety can sneak in.  While we wait for new innovations and movements to make things simpler, here are 3 things to hang your hat on in the mean time as you make technology investment decisions.

1.  Invest in systems and people that truly understand the importance of efficient integration
2.  Invest in systems that are flexible in architecture
3.  Invest in systems that have the capability to continually change and improve quickly (SaaS philosophy)

Always enjoy comments…

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Normally we stay away from posts that are this Pathagility product focused, but every once in a while we just can’t help ourselves!  We are proud of our ReportPath product/service and continue to recognize lots of application for it. 

ReportPath provides pathology laboratories and healthcare providers an integrated, web-based solution for storing, managing and distributing report data without purchasing a new LIS. Referring physicians have secure web-based access to multi-channel ordering and resulting options. ReportPath can integrate with a single LIS or be the outreach tool for multiple disparate healthcare systems. It offers a marketable way for pathology groups to collaborate with healthcare partners and clients through a fully customizable portal.

A few of the features include…

Advanced search capabilities
Document storage and archiving
Multi-channel distribution (web, fax, email)
Email alerts
SMS / text alerts

Check out a previous post that discusses a ReportPath implementation with an AP Easy system environment – BPMG Goes Live/Pathagility’s ReportPath.  Also, within this post you’ll find a ReportPath case study.

We would  like to hear your opinion of this type of SaaS product offering – positive or negative??  Leave comments!  Thanks!

Also, if you would like to learn more about ReportPath or demo the product email

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More than 140,000 industry professionals attended the CES11 in Las Vegas last week.  Following up on our post Top gadgets at CES 2011 and impact on healthcare, check out this slide show via HealthcareITNews called Healthcare gadgets at CES11.  The slideshow shows 5 healthcare gadgets featured last week and here’s a summary…

1.  digital microscope
2.  biometric fingerprint reader
3.  FDA approved patient provider communication device
4.  FDA approved video conferencing
5.  Windows-based tablet that enables caregivers to assist remotely

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Check out this Newsbyte in the latest issue of CAP Today by Dr. Raymond Aller entitled, Interface workarounds offer fixes for common issuesIn it, Dr. Aller refers to a few issues that arise in order-entry and results reporting interface processes between hospital or regional labs and their reference labs.  Here are the issues he outlines…

1.  Proper communication with public health agencies
2.  Specimen received confirmation
3.  Ability of hospital or regional laboratory to display complex reports

What are some of the other issues you’ve run in to?