How long does it take to launch a pathology lab business and start generating reports?  6 months?  3 months? How about 1 week?!?

That’s how long it took one of our clients.  Now, obviously more than a week went into the planning and organization of developing their new business, but one week after we signed a software licensing agreement they were producing reports and providing the results electronically.  And not just your run-of-the-mill reports – beautiful, physician-friendly pathology reports.  On top of being able to generate customized reports in their web-based AP LIS, they received compliments on their menu of marketable electronic report delivery options that were available day one. 

This is a cool story!  (Not just because they are utilizing Pathagility’s full suite of products either! 🙂 )  It’s a cool story because it’s now even more possible for someone to afford-ably and efficiently setup a pathology lab business the way that best suits the founders and better health-care.  The system piece is daunting to many pathologists that have investigated starting their own practice.  Consolidation is occurring in the market today, but there are also some individuals that are thinking about stepping out on their own.  We have worked with multiple startup labs.  What we’ve seen is they all have founders with big drive and are looking to create something that stands apart and generates optimum medical results.  Their stories provide a road map for what’s possible today.