Today’s fast paced world requires information be available instantly and on-demand. This has never been more true than it is right now in the pathology industry. Patients, hospitals, and medical offices need results, and they need them fast. We understand this and have developed a new tool that connects offices, doctors, and remote facilities directly to your lab facilities. We call it FilePath.
FilePath allows your lab reports, accession data, and other result materials to be transmitted directly from your LIS to any office you do business with, instantly. FilePath uses the power of the Internet to transfer this data from your site, to our secure data center, and out to your clients.

When your clients receive your reports they can transfer them directly into their EMR, store them offline, and most importantly, send them directly to a networked printer. With FilePath remote offices can receive digital and hard copies of files only minutes after they are complete.

How This Helps You

Remote connectivity is nothing new. What sets FilePath apart is the ease of integration. The FilePath setup process takes less than 5 minutes and does not require the help of a technical resource. There is no need for your clients to setup FTP scripts, TCP/IP polling, socket connections, or other service based connections. Your clients simply download and install a program on a desktop computer in their office, enter their client identifier, and that is it. They are now ready to receive reports and documents directly from your lab.

Of course there is more. Here are some other ways FilePath helps you.

  • Lower costs for interfacing.FilePath uses existing resources at the client site so there is no need to purchase additional equipment or setup direct connectivity.
  • Instant results for your clients.Turnaround time is the name of the game. With FilePath you can lower the time it takes to return results to your clients.
  • Simplified work flow.FilePath integrates directly into Pathagility WorkPath. There is no additional setup required to send results to off-site locations.
  • Two way communication.With FilePath it is also possible for your clients to send you digital information the same way they send it to you.

To find out more about FilePath and how it can help you, contact us for a demo.

Post by Pathagility Technologist Chad Files @cfiles