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New Tech Allows PGx Labs

Pathagility’s LIMS and reporting solution provides lab executives with a central laboratory reporting solution that will adapt across any type of test, device or laboratory to provide the lab, referring physicians and patients with the enhanced reporting that innovative labs now require. With Pathagility, labs can fully customize their solution, as well as integrate with other lab technologies.

As pharmacogenetics (PGx) labs are becoming more advanced while the industry continues to rapidly evolve to keep up with new genomics discoveries, Pathagility’s solution is making investments into technology that help PGx labs to remain competitive.  

The Power of Annotating the Haplotype

Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) hold the key in defining the risk of an individual’s susceptibility to various illnesses and response to drugs. At Pathagility, we’re taking the genetic level data after the lab has identified the SNP and we’re now able to annotate that to determine what the haplotype is from the genotype, rather than requiring the haplotype. Essentially, humans have 23 chromosome pairs, so this allows us to go through each pair and determine findings for each set of chromosomes.

Why Does it Matter to PGx Labs?

Previously, Pathagility’s LIMS solution was taking in just that final bit of information (the haplotype), and then concluding from that whether or not the tests indicate if the individual is a poor metabolizer of specific drug or has susceptibility to a certain illness. Now Pathagility’s solution allows the PGx labs to eliminate several steps which provides huge benefits to the labs. No longer do our customers have to use proprietary software or 3rd party software to get the haplotype information converted from the genotype.

These innovations allow our team to get closer to the data that these machines actually produce, so PGx labs no longer have to take the manual steps that used to be necessary.

What Are the Impacts to PGx Labs?

  • Time savings by eliminating the need to convert genotypes into haplotypes
  • Fewer resources needed, allowing staff to focus on other priorities
  • Decreased test turnaround times for referring physicians
  • Ease of use makes it easier for labs to get the data from the sequencing machine into the final relevant clinical output

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