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Greg Ingle’s background is eclectic to say the least. Greg was a host in the 90’s for various radio stations and was a nightclub DJ in Asia until getting into his first consulting job with an Oracle shop. Since then he has primarily worked in information and technology in a myriad of roles. Greg transitioned into healthcare in 2010 when the EMR market began to really take off. The medical software company he worked for at the time bought out an existing EMR that had rudimentary clinical decision support built in and he was hooked. He wanted to build more intelligent toolsets that helped doctors diagnose effectively. He went on a hunt for likeminded folks and through that venture bought into the lab consulting firm. Greg has since scaled it and used the capital from a partner buyout to finish the CDS.

About Clinical Lab Consulting

Clinical Lab Consulting (CLC) is a lab consulting firm that offers a unique suite of services.  Greg always says that the company does “Science and Compliance” but they also do quite a bit more.  They cover many of the grey areas when the regulations haven’t quite kept up with the science, especially on the molecular side. They do turn key laboratory setups of all sizes and help train lab accreditation firms on new technology. The CLC team is a blend of pathologists, PHDs, Med Techs, Marketing and IT, giving the team well rounded expertise.

CLC’s Consulting Services

Greg commented that, “it would be easier to list what we don’t do!” According to him, if it happens in a lab, they can help. They primarily staff lab directors, perform inspections and help oversee validations of Laboratory Developed Tests. They also work with their clients to help with marketing and other business related topics.

When asked what types of labs they work with, again Greg joked (but in all seriousness), “Every type!” Physician Office Labs, Reference labs, Research Labs, Academia, and Hospitals. The CLC team specializes in helping take research assays into the clinical market.

CLC’s Focus Areas & Topics

Many labs struggle with CLIA regulations, Greg explained. Labs are in a highly regulated industry. Greg and his team get asked to help with all the major components to starting a lab, including, but not limited to: financial feasibility, business structure, CLIA and accreditation paperwork, assay development, compliance, oversight and billing/reimbursement.

Greg’s Advice for Today’s Labs

“Get out of your comfort zone and embrace new technologies,” said Greg. “Labs compete on service, which should extend to your software suite and process automation.”

Greg went on to explain that, “In order to stay competitive, every lab needs great reports, patient resources and portals along with fast turn around time to be competitive. Robotics and automation should be utilized to their full capacity to reduce margin of error and control costs.”

LIMS: Emerging Tech Labs Need to Watch

When asked about emerging technology that labs should watch, Greg commented that the entire lab industry is moving towards Molecular and preventative medicine. “I am a software guy at heart, so for me a modern LIMS (like Pathagility) that can natively interpret molecular data are becoming invaluable,” said Greg. “An integrated CDS system that gives real time feedback to the doctors from the lab with historical data trends will be the next wave of the future. Static reporting needs to die off and the doctors and labs should have meaningful dialogue via software.”

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About Greg Ingle

Mr. Greg Ingle brings over 15 years of Information Technology and Healthcare experience to CLC, ranging from project management and product development to sales, marketing, and executive functions. Mr. Ingle has worked on complex database projects for the Unites States Department of Defense, US Customs, and Fortune 500 clients such as Dow Agro Science and Eli Lilly. Mr. Ingle turned his site to healthcare in 2011 and was at the forefront of the private practice EMR revolution, where he helped develop and implement several EMR platforms. Mr. Ingle was instrumental in taking his previous company, Kareo to the Forbes List as one of “America’s Most Promising Companies” in 2012 and 2013. As the Chief Executive Officer of Clinical Laboratory Consulting, LLC™, he oversees a staff of 70 consulting Pathologists, PhD’s, and Medical Technologists. Mr. Ingle serves on several advisory boards for laboratory best practices and is the Chief Operations Officer of Clinical Decision Support Software provider Medical Database, LLC.