Tomorrow marks the beginning of the Computer Electronics Show (CES) 2011 in Las Vegas.  For those that are not techno geeks or gadget happy, this is one of the largest trade shows in the world.  It is an annual event that is packed full of new product hype and demos. 

Even though CES is not focused on healthcare, it is an interesting peak at some of the technologies and gadgets that may potentially play a role in patient care in the future.  Here are a couple of items you may want to keep your eye on…

Tablets everywhere

In the past several months, the iPad has been a big winner and is shining a bright light on the tablet market.  This may be the most talked about category at CES 2011 with several Android and Microsoft tablets launching.  Interestingly enough and in Apple fashion, they will not be in attendance at CES 2011 but their presense will be felt with the anticipation of the iPad 2. 

As consumer hype rises in the tablet market, does this mean that tablets will be incorporated more into healthcare?  If so, will Apple’s iPad use its early advantage to build healthcare market share or will you see more specialized tablets running Android or Microsoft?  Examples of iPad use in healthcare are starting to pop up.  Here’s one – iPad in practice: Applying the Apps

What are some real world examples of how new tablets can make patient care better??


Verizon’s CEO is scheduled to open up Thursday morning with a keynote that should include information on its 4G Network and what that will mean for its customers.  There will be lots of 4G devices unveiled at CES.  Again, Apple will be casting a shadow on CES 2011 because of the anticipated arrival of the Verizon iPhone. 

What will be the impact of more device options on faster networks for patient care? 

BTW, there will be a bunch of new gadgets and technologies that may have nothing to do with healthcare but are just plain cool.   There will be information sources everywhere about CES 2011, but here is a quick link to comprehensive updates on the show – cnet ces 2011