Speed – we recognize the importance of this attribute in so many areas of life.  Think about it…  

It’s something we focus on daily at Pathagility.  How can we deliver value faster?  This is not as easy as it sounds because in our industry (other industries as well), there are so many moving parts – some of which you have no control over.   Beyond that, it’s just plain hard work.

Many healthcare providers are needing interfaces built to exchange important health data  or they need new system functionality to provide better services and their need is imminent.  Some of the bottlenecks to speedy delivery are legacy systems that were not designed with flexibility in mind.  Probably a bigger bottleneck than the technical aspects are the organizational cultures involved.  For some organizations, speed is not the priority.   Beyond that, it is hard work to deliver real value fast.  We believe it has to be part of the organization’s daily life and culture.   

As an industry, we will continue to work towards a faster rate of delivery for the common good.  For those organizations that have speed already built in, there is definitely a competitive advantage to be had.