Came across this editorial from the Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine by … yes…scrolling through Twitter and seeing a Tweet from @VTPathology.  The editorial by Dr. Eric F. Glassy is called The Rise of the Social Pathologist: The Importance of Social Media to Pathology.  It gives a great account of how Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social tools are being utilized or could be utilized in the Pathology space.  Dr. Glassy goes on to talk about the transparent nature of social media and walking the narrow line of fear/benefit. 

Here is an excerpt…

“Like all professions, we will be completely and permanently altered by our Internet connections. As we struggle to become a visible voice on the health care team, making pathology more “social” is not just a thing to do but also a way to be. Social media’s promise of communication and collaboration will prove to be an important tool in our quest to transform, elevate, and humanize the specialty. Transparency brings risks but it also brings opportunities. These tools offer us a chance to put a human face on pathology—our own face. By embracing them—even with a dose of skepticism—we put another nail in the notion that pathologists are detached—or even antisocial. Social media will help us become more imaginative, determined, innovative, and remarkable—worthy traits for a new generation of transformed pathologists.”


We think this is a great take on a topic that is going to grow in importance over time.  What are your thoughts on the use of social media by pathologists?  Does the transparency still afford too much risk?  Or do you feel the promise is starting to out way the risk?