In a previous post, we talked about one way a pathology lab can protect its brand – the lab report.  For a quick refresher, compare these two reports…

If these reports represent two competing labs, what perceptions would you have for each based on these reports? 

Now, with that point made, labs are not in the marketing business or at least that isn’t the most important core competency.  Labs are a critical part of the healthcare system providing 70% of the data in the EMR.  They are in the business of providing results correctly, quickly and securely.   Service level is the ultimate differentiator for pathology labs. 

The next way a lab can protect and build its brand is providing a marketable way to distribute lab reports and collaborate with referring physicians and healthcare partners.  Building a communication conduit with the physicians and entities the lab serves helps enhance the overall relationship.   Combining that with multiple options of delivering lab reports when and in the format the client wants will provide a competitive advantage.

Check out an example case studyof how Pathagility provides this functionality to UNC Nephropathology.