In today’s anatomic pathology market how do you as a local or hospital based pathologist hold on to or grow your business?  You’ve seen large regional and national labs come in with their marketing reps and take business that was once yours.  What are they doing that you can’t?  Haven’t you worked with them and known them for years?

Here are a few things you can do to proactively grow or keep your business:

• Relationships – Reach out to referring physicians. A simple email or phone call goes a long way from a pathologist that they respect.

• Marketing – Customize your reports.  I know what you are thinking… but they work.  Rather than spending thousands of dollars on your website, think about spicing up your report instead.  This is your brand, and it goes everywhere your business is.  Below is a sample custom report we mocked up for a customer at Pathagility.

What do the large labs offer that you can’t?  The short answer is: nothing.  I have sold for the big labs and the truth is that most referring physicians would prefer to send cases to a pathologist they know and can consult with on the phone.

You may be discouraged as  you watch the monsters grow, often do so at your expense.  In the U.S., local and regional labs still make up around 75% of the anatomic and clinical pathology market.  The time is now to leverage your existing technology infrastructure.  Adding “national lab” style functionality may not be as expensive as you think.  Pathagility specializes in giving your lab a customized solution rather than a “big box,” one-size-fits-all solution.

So don’t let a sales rep with a shiny report be the reason you lose an account.