A couple of weeks ago, it was announced  that Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. (a member of the Roche Group) would acquire BioImagene for $100+ Million.  BioImagene is a leader in the field of digital pathology and workflow analysis.  Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to visit for a few minutes with some members of the BioImagene team including CEO Dr. Ajit Singh at the Dark Report’s Executive War College in New Orleans.  Dr. Singh is a dynamic guy who seemed to enjoy discussing the organization’s technology and mission.  He gave an interesting talk on the disruptive nature of digital pathology.  If you have a few minutes, you should have a look at the presentation deck Dr. Singh talked from…digital imaging/ and anatomic pathology’s care delivery model.
So, what does this acquisition mean for the progression of Digital Pathology?  Is this the first of many acquisitions in the market?  What affect will this have on the anatomic pathology market? 
This movement will be interesting to watch…

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