Are you a pathologist, lab tech, clinician or a manager at a laboratory?  If so, what is your lab’s biggest differentiator?  If we took a poll you would find one common response – SERVICE

Service level is where small to mid-sized path labs compete against the Mega labs.  This includes fast result turnaround,  comprehensive supply distribution, advanced customer service, etc.  Many of the labs we work with compete very effectively and are actually seeing growth by offering an extremely high service level.

Unfortunately, even though many labs provide outstanding service, they still miss out on opportunities to provide their services.  In some cases, these labs are experiencing churn because a competitor comes in with something shiny and new.   What are they missing?  MARKETING 

Yes, pathology labs need marketing too.  It is important for labs to get the word out effectively regarding their servicing options and to position their brand effectively to referring physicians and healthcare partners.  We’ve described some ways pathology labs can market themselves and build their brand in recent posts – Save Your Lab’s Brand & Save Your Lab’s Brand 2.   At Pathagility, our platform not only provides lab clients more servicing options, but we have designed our products to be marketing tools as well. 

Do you agree that pathology labs need to focus more attention on marketing and better position their brands?  If so, what are some ways they can do this?