The Pathagility team has been hard at work to keep up with the demands of clinician’s and labs.  Improvements in speed, user experience and new features highlight the latest version of our  web-based software.  Our current users will not skip a beat with enhancements to our case entry screen and process.

Simplified screens– streamline data entry and eliminate scrolling and time consuming key strokes.

IntraCloud Lighting– Perhaps one of the most exciting features, is our latest technology which allows Pathagility users to migrate from one cloud to another with the speed of lightning.  Whether you are a clinical, molecular, or pathology lab Pathagility can have you signing out cases in 24 hours.

Mobile lab– architectural enhancements that deliver new users access to accessioning and signing out reports with the push of a button.  Clinicians can break away or augment their legacy or hospital system by leveraging Pathagility’s web-based platform.  Increase revenue opportunities and freedom from rigid systems.  Accession/Sign Out/ Deliver reports from anywhere to anywhere.

Custom Reports w/ Images– Pathagility’s rapid image, attachment feature and our custom report capability will set you free and distinguish your lab from the competition.

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