In the March issue of CAP Today, Karen L. Wagner did an article on the changing middleware landscape called Middleware to “littleware”: vendors catering to smaller labs.  She notes three main forces behind the changes in this market in the past two years…

1.  ARRA
2.  Increased EHR adoption
3.  Middleware vendors start catering to smaller/physician owned labs

Pathagility’s own Mike Heckman was  interviewed for this article and discusses how we provide value to this market by working with other software/hardware vendors (LIS, EMR, instrument, etc.)  While Pathagility offers one of the only SaaS LIS (WorkPath) products in the market, we recognize that not all labs are looking for a replacement strategy but need to enhance their current environment to answer the connectivity call of their referring physicians.  Pathagility offers this smaller/physician-owned lab market all of the capabilities of the mega labs (LabCorp & Quest.)  We do this by providing our full suite of products and/or working with other software vendors.  We welcome these cooperative relationships.