At least 70% of data in the EMR originates in the lab.  Several sources can be sited with this interesting statistic.  We see articles, blog posts, and tweets daily about how EHR adoption is increasing and going to continue to build steam.  I don’t believe you can overstate the importance of the lab in this tidal wave of activity.  So, pathology labs are searching for ways to get better, more efficient and more effective in this changing technology environment.    

In a recent CAP Today NewsByte, editors Dr. Raymond D. Aller and Hal Weiner, do a good job describing a straightforward way to improve LIS-to-EMR connectivity.  Here is a link to the article – A case for reporting laboratory results to EMRs in dual formats.

What are some other ways you feel labs can be more effective in the important role they play in the EHR movement?