In a recent post, we talked about the acquisition of BioImagene by Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. (a member of Roche Group).  BioImagene is a leader in the field of digital pathology and workflow analysis.  Is this acquisition a sign of more to come in the area of digital pathology?

The digital pathology movement is certainly something to keep an eye on.  One good digital pathology resource we follow is Digital Pathology Consultants (@DPConsultant).  In a recent article called The Digital Transformation of Pathology, Amanda Lowe of DPC asks the question, “When does the future become reality?” with regards to digital pathology.  She discusses the resistance to change and outlines some advantages of the technology. 

While digital pathology aligns with the movement of further digitizing healthcare, it is still unclear when it will start gaining large chunks of traction. 

What are your thoughts on Digital Pathology?  What is holding this movement back?  Cost?  Fear?  What are some other sources of information on Digital Pathology?