How important is a Pathologist to Pathology Software?

Certainly, we ask this question with a big smile on our faces because one of our Founders is a Pathologist.  Dr. Pat Walker is the Director of NephroPath and has a ton of experience in the field of pathology.  We are very lucky to have him on the team.  In fact, I’m pretty sure things would be a lot different if he wouldn’t have been  on our team from the beginning because of the influence Dr. Walker, his lab and his experience have had on our organization, products and services.

Pathagility focuses on three main things…

1. Customer Service
2. User Experience
3. Delivering Software Value FAST

Each of the founders brought experience in these focus areas to the table, but our Pathologist founder provided the deep industry experience that really shapes our products and services.    It was important for us to have this pathologist/laboratory/physician perspective from the beginning, but it continues to be just as important today because needs change and change quickly.

So, it’s obvious that our opinion is that the Pathologist is very important to Pathology Software.  With that said, what do you think?  How much of a role should the pathologist or members of the lab have in the development of pathology software?  How have you seen this work or not work in other situations?

Speaking of NephroPath, check out the previous post featuring them called SERVICE – 1 Lab’s Competitive Advantage .  As always, we would enjoy hearing your opinions??