It’s not hard to scroll through Twitter or through your favorite healthcare IT news/blog sources to find comments and opinions on cloud computing.  This topic is near and dear to our hearts at Pathagility, because from the beginning we have been a SaaS platform.  Through a lot of due diligence, we selected a true partner in BlueLock that understood how important privacy, availability and security were for our clients.  Check out the BlueLock/Pathagility case study @ .  We’ve certainly had to sell the SaaS concept, but normally when a prospect compares the TCO, security, privacy, redundancy, etc. of their internal environment, the SaaS model starts making a lot more sense.  We’re pleased to be a SaaS platform in the healthcare arena.

In the past 24 hours I’ve read a couple of great healthcare cloud computing posts that we wanted to pass along.  Let us know what your opinions are on this topic and these posts…

1.  What is Our Cloud Stategy by Dr. John Halamka – be sure to read the comment section too to get a good feel for the contrast of opinions and view points of different organizations that are in the market today.

2. Software Born in the Cloud Different Than Software Moved to the Cloud by @LabSoftNews – this is a great post!  Here is an exert…

“There’s a fundamental difference between software moved to the cloud and software born in the cloud. The emerging solutions in this latter group are exciting not because they’re delivered in a modern way, but because they fundamentally rethink the purpose and spirit of the desktop-centric software that came before them. They’re more open. They’re more social. They can scale to meet the needs of small businesses and large enterprises alike. And with these new platforms, we’re seeing the wholesale trade of control – or rather, the illusion of control – for heightened visibility and productivity in a fundamentally more open organization.”

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  1. We spoke with quite a few providers at the Healthcare IT Summit in D.C. last month about this very topic. Everyone is interested in it to some degree, and all have reservations about what the cloud is, and how secure it will be. Check out some of our video interviews with a few of the providers we met at the conference:

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