Even though the movement of health data is becoming more digitized and shared electronically, one of the main distribution channels for lab results is still the classic faxsimile.  The reality for many labs is that this is how most lab results are communicated to referring physicians.  Conversations with pathology labs around the country reveal issues with faxing reports, and ways to improve their distribution channels to service their clients (referring physicians, hospitals, etc.) better.  Following are some of the highlighted points:

Too much staff time on manual faxing processes
Want to increase efficiency by automating

Scalability issues with faxing causing lags
Ability to deliver lab reports instantly

Lots of service calls
Ability to provide more self service and higher client satisfaction

Standalone distribution  mechanism
Want more integrated distribution options

All of these items went into the development of ReportPath, Pathagility’s lab-to-physician product.  Our on-demand faxing capability is fully integrated with our collaboration portal so that report distribution rules can be customized to the needs of each referring physician.  The result is a solution that improves lab efficiency, provides better client servicing options and is built for optimum performance and scale.