Happy New Year!

Check out this great presentation by Dr. Bruce Friedman called Integrated Diagnostics: The perspective of the pathologist.  In it, Dr. Friedman defines Integrated dx, discusses the benefits of merging multiple reporting areas of diagnostics, and outlines the challenges of actually pulling this lofty goal off. 

In summary, Dr. Friedman states that it is unlikely that there will be integrated dx systems (LIS+RIS+PACS) on the market in the near term due to lack of demand; however, in the short term Web-based dx tools will be developed and interfaced with Legacy LIS, RIS, PACS and EMR systems to gain a integrated dx view for better, more efficient patient care.

We certainly agree with this perspective and refer to it as “Friendly.”    Friendly in our world means systems architecture with interoperability in mind. 

What are your thoughts on Integrated dx?