Challenges and questions still remain as we enter the new era of Healthcare IT.  The fit of practices and vendors depends largely on the willingness and commitment of all parties to roll up their collective sleeves to tackle obstacles identified and the one lying right around the corner.  Will your business’ growth be stunted by software that is inflexible and unable to scale?  Are you and your vendor committed to the teamwork adoption requires for short and long term success as requirements and demands change?

Below is a brief sample of what people are saying this week about EHR and things to consider as the health care industry moves into a more electronic era.

Can Technology Cure Healthcare? The Wall Street Journal gives their top three rules for adoption:

• Keep Patients First

• Make it Your Own

• Go One Step at a Time

The Heathcare IT Guy takes a look at The Harvard Business Review’s Has the U.S. health technology sector run out of gas?

Tips for EHR meaningful use while sorting through vendor guarantees. Lists 10 things to consider when “meaningful use” is critical to your decision.