According to new research  from Kalorama Information, the laboratory information systems (LIS) market should grow 6% annually over the next few years from its 2010 level of $800M.  The report  includes this interesting stat  – labor accounts for more than 60% of the cost of producing test results.  To drive down the percentage of manual labor needed to support the lab resulting process, the LIS will be asked to do a lot more than it is today. 

Following are 4 attributes we believe laboratories will be looking for in a next-generation LIS…

1.  Interoperability – interfacing ease and efficiency (EMR, multi-device, multi-channel, etc.)

2.  Change – ability to morph as needed quickly (and won’t break the bank!)

3.  Digital support – designed for increased adoption of molecular diagnostics and pathology

4.  Analytics – better access and use of data

What other items would you list as important attributes for next-generation laboratory IT systems?  Do you think these systems will be delivered in the cloud or provided by vendors as SaaS?