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Spring is naturally a time to freshen up and start new things.  In that spirit, we are launching a fresh, new!  Our team is inspired by start-up labs and existing laboratories that are developing new tests.  We know how challenging it can be.  We love to help by providing a cost effective Software-as-a-Service that feels like a custom systemWhy Pathagility you ask?  Out of the box, Pathagility provides “Case Types” for Toxicology, Infectious Disease (IFD), Pharmacogenetic (PGx), Anatomic Pathology (AP), Women’s Health and other types of Molecular Diagnostic (MDx) testing.  Case Types represent the data management and report generation surrounding a particular type of lab test.  Custom case types can be developed to support more specialized, proprietary tests.  Oh, and the entire system (not just the lab report) can be custom branded because we KNOW branding is important to labs.  We hope you’ll check out how it works and discover that Pathagility has the flexibility to serve as the LIMS or Interpretive Reporting Software or BOTH.  Another item worth reading if you are developing a new lab test is this case study called LIMS + Interpretive Reporting for Personalize Medicine.

We certainly look forward to your feedback.  Let us know if you have questions; and as the days start getting a little longer, we hope you enjoy the freshness and newness of spring…