In the recent CAP TODAY, there is a good article in the Newsbytes section called, The conundrum of shortcut keys for Web-based LIS. Being a SaaS product company in the diagnostic arena, we’ve experienced some of these issues while developing to different web browsers (Firefox, IE, Chrome,etc.)  So far, we’ve developed a nice balance of functionality across browsers.  Since I’m the business guy, I’ll leave our technical specifics to our development gurus. Overall though, our strategy is to deliver software value FAST.  So, with respect to this conundrum, you can get really bogged down in attempting to develop to every browser because they do act differently. If you focus on the REAL client impact, many times the development effort becomes clearer and value can be realized quickly.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you believe product developers should build as much functionality as possible to one browser or consider the impact to every browser environment even though it may mean cutting back on features?