Brandon Willis

Vice President of Development

Brandon is a long-time software developer, engineer, and architect. With academic research beginnings in robotics, parallel computing, and stochastic optimization algorithms, Brandon’s ability as a lateral thinker is tempered by his many years of experience forging the foundations of secure concurrent complex systems while bringing them to bear on client needs.

After more than a decade at a large data brokerage firm intensely focused on core infrastructure solutions necessary for massively parallel data processing, Brandon brought his expertise to Pathagility to evolve the way labs bring their knowledge to market on the spectrum of testing available in today’s connected world, at scale. That evolution continues, and it continues to support lab success; giving more labs greater capacity, expanded reach, and the ability to say “Yes” more often to clinic and clinician needs large and small through reporting, interfacing and the edge-near cloud presence necessary to be “at the point of need” for clients of all sizes.

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