In such a short time, social media has become a part of our lives.  This morning, I saw Biz Stone on The Today Show discussing “2010’s Most Inflential Tweets.”   @’s and #’s are showing up everywhere! 

In healthcare and healthcare IT, social media provides the conduit to build a more collaborative environment.  There are several initiatives popping up utilizing #’s on Twitter to engage people and organizations in social discussions on topics that are important to healthcare and the technologies that are driving efficiencies/innovation.  For example, @healthstandards is building its Top 10 Twitter Feeds to Follow for News on Healthcare IT by promoting #HITsm.  They are actually having some fun with it by calling for nominations – check out the nominee qualifications here

Stay tuned to this and other listings that are popping up that are of interest to you and your organization.  What are some other #’s to watch???