What is the culture of your organization, and what does it say about your practice?  Corporate culture defines how your organization acts, thinks, and feels.  Is it written in a handbook, mission statement, on a wall, or understood?  What values are echoed throughout your organization?  Your corporate culture identity is seen and heard by the service and the people that represent your organization everyday.

In the practice of medicine, at the beginning and end of each day there is a patient and a waiting family.  Behind every code, every number, vial, slide, policy, and case there is a life.  Lives are quite literally on the line, with people doing their job well at every level. Has your organization lost focus in the uncertainty of healthcare reform legislation or pressures of reduced reimbusement?  Maybe it’s time to sit down with your entire team from courier to receptionist, coder, transcriptionist, developer, histologist, cytotech, and pathologist. Perhaps it is time to refocus on what a valuable role the entire team plays everyday. What does the culture of your practice or organization say about what is important to you?