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A mid-sized healthcare services company with more than 600 employees was facing significant challenges with their payroll processes. The organization was forced to replace a critical piece of software quickly due to business drivers.   The existing system, reliant on manual tasks and disparate spreadsheets, led to errors, delays, and inefficiencies. To address these issues, the company engaged Pathagility to develop custom-built software tailored to their specific needs.

The Challenge

  • Inefficiencies: The payroll team spent countless hours manually entering and matching data from various sources, leading to errors and delays in processing.
  • Integration: The new custom-built software had to seamlessly integrate into the company’s payroll processing system.
  • Employee Impact: The new system had to guard against inaccurate paychecks and delayed reimbursements so that employee morale was not negatively impacted.
  • Cost Drivers: The company was forced to replace a critical piece of software but had to work within their annual budget.

The Solution

The Company collaborated with Pathagility to create a customized payroll management software system, addressing the specific pain points identified within the organization.

  • Data Integration: The new software integrated seamlessly with time-tracking systems, HR databases, and financial records. This eliminated the need for manual data entry, reducing errors and saving valuable time.
  • Data Management: Payroll staff now have a platform to manage the payroll data of their 600+ employees instead of working between desperate spreadsheets.
  • User Experience: A user-friendly interface allowed the payroll team to easily access their employee payroll data. This empowered them with greater transparency.


The Implementation Process

  • Requirements Gathering: Pathagility worked closely with the Company’s payroll experts to understand their unique needs and pain points.
  • Agile Development: The software was developed in iterative phases, allowing for continuous feedback and adjustments along the way.
  • Testing and Rollout: Pathagility supported the payroll team through the payroll process in parallel with their existing system to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.
  • Post-Implementation Support: Pathagility provided high-touch ongoing support for this new custom software supporting a critical payroll process.

The Result

  • Efficiency Gains: The time spent on payroll processing was reduced by 40%, allowing the payroll team to focus on more strategic tasks.
  • Budget and timing: Pathagility produced the custom software on budget and ahead of schedule. The elimination of manual processes and reduced errors resulted in significant cost savings for the Company.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Payroll employees appreciated the ease of use of the new system along with the time savings of providing timely and accurate paychecks.


The implementation of the Pathagility custom-built payroll software has transformed the Company’s payroll processes, bringing efficiency and accuracy to the forefront. By addressing the specific needs of the organization, the software has not only streamlined operations but also improved employee satisfaction and enabled an improved payroll process.

CFO – mid-sized healthcare services company

We have been so impressed with Pathagility and the customer service, speed of response and rework time, and attention to detail. The outcome of this project couldn’t have been any better for us; it turned out better for us than the product we were aiming to mimic. Couldn’t ask for anything else!

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