Many pathology labs we talk with have purchased, developed and deployed FileMaker Pro database lab systems.  This seems even more true in smaller independent and hospital labs due to cost and ease of deployment factors.  We would like to hear from those of you that utilize FileMaker Pro.  Here are a few questions for you…

Overall, are you pleased with the flexibility this database environment provides you?

Have you run into scalability issues?  If so, at what point did this occur?

Did you develop your own FileMaker Pro lab system?

Are you using a FileMaker Pro system like AP Easy?

What do you view are the main positives of a FileMaker Pro system? Negatives?

We’ve seen a wide variety of opinions in our discussions with laboratories and pathology groups.  We have a great case study with UNC Nephropathology  where one of the pre-requisites was their ability to continue utilizing their custom  FileMakerPro system.  Also, we have worked with AP Easy (which is built on FileMaker Pro) to deliver web-based lab orders/results capability and EMR integration.  Here is a previous post on one of our mutual clients – BPMG Goes Live w/ Pathagility’s ReportPath.  Also, check out this post based on a discussion with a laboratory that feels they are approaching scalability issues with their FileMakerPro system – When you’ve outgrown FileMaker Pro.

We would like to hear your views on this topic.  If you would rather send an email instead of commenting, please send to