Pathagility in CAP Lab-Provider Link article

We are pleased to be one of the vendors to participate in the April 2011 CAP Today article called Lab-link vendors – on a mission with ‘mobile’ and more.”  Pathagility competes in the Lab-Provider Links market with our ReportPath product.  We appreciate CAP Today for allowing us to participate in multiple product market categories and related articles.

Here is the opening excerpt from the article…

“It’s a lesson in Economics 101: The federal government wants hospitals and medical practices to adopt electronic medical records, so it gives them “meaningful use dollars” to do so.  And with the increased use of EMRs comes greater demand for products that link these systems to other medical systems.  This, in turn, increases the business of many lab-provider links vendors, giving them the wherewithal to enhance their systems or develop ancillary products, thereby catalyzing growth of the lab-provider links marketplace. (Class Dismissed.)”